How to find and add to the cart the desired products

The website presents the products in a grid with their image and description. On the left you can see:

A box to write searching criteria

The selected items in the shopping cart

And a list of product categories

Serching for products:

You can search the product selecting a category, writing a reference number or even some caracacteristics (the name or part of the description). Here are some exemples:

If you write «PFY-3» and push ENTER, you will find every article with these numbers and letters (i.e: PFY-300, PFY-312, PFY-324…)

If you write «blue» or «stripes», you will find articles with these words in their name…

Ad to the cart:

Once you have the product you want, ad it to the cart pushing «Ad to cart» button. Then you can follow searching and adding to the cart another products or pushing the image to see the description and selecting the cantity of the selected product.

Pushing the cart icon allow you to see at any moment if you have all the products you need. If so, push the «End buying» button to finish the order.

Remember closing your sesion when finish.

Any doubt, contact us sending an email to: